Pastor Cowal invites you to worship

By Wilfred A. Jones Jr.
Posted 6/21/23

Tucked away on 1377 Route 44-55, amidst the rolling hills and scenic beauty of the Hudson Valley, lies a small Pentecostal church that has become a beacon of hope for its congregation. The Mount …

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Pastor Cowal invites you to worship


Tucked away on 1377 Route 44-55, amidst the rolling hills and scenic beauty of the Hudson Valley, lies a small Pentecostal church that has become a beacon of hope for its congregation. The Mount Triumphant Church Of God, led by the charismatic Pastor Ralph Cowal, welcomes all who seek spiritual guidance and a community united in faith.

The humble origins of the church are a testament to the transformative power of faith. What was once a propane store in 1993 now serves as the spiritual home for Pastor Cowal and his dedicated followers. Pastor Cowal, originally from Manchester, Jamaica, fondly describes his hometown as “where the real men come from.” It was his deep-rooted belief in God’s calling that eventually led him to the United States.

Every Sunday morning, at precisely 11a.m., the doors of Mount Triumphant Church swing open to welcome eager worshippers. The church’s Sunday School offers members an opportunity to delve into the teachings of the Bible and strengthen their understanding of the scriptures. The lessons are insightful, engaging and thought-provoking, making them suitable for both seasoned believers and newcomers alike.

For those unable to attend the physical service, the church has embraced technology to bridge the gap. At 4:45 p.m. the congregation gathers once again, this time for a service that can be accessed remotely. Through a dedicated phone line, individuals can tune in from the comfort of their own homes, ensuring that no one is left out or isolated from the spiritual journey shared by the church community.

Beyond its regular services, Mount Triumphant Church is known for its compassionate approach to caring for its members. Pastor Cowal and his team provide on-call counseling, offering solace, guidance, and a listening ear to those in need. The church recognizes that life’s challenges can often weigh heavily on individuals, and they are committed to being a source of support during difficult times.

The journey that led Pastor Cowal to establish this church was marked by a profound encounter with divine intervention. In May 1971, tragedy struck when a night of drinking led to a devastating car accident. Cowal and his colleague crashed into a telephone pole, leaving Cowal with severe injuries, including eight fractured ribs, a punctured liver and a torn-up left arm. He spent three weeks incapacitated in the hospital, uncertain of his fate.

It was during this time of vulnerability that Cowal experienced what he believes to be a miraculous encounter. As he lay in his hospital bed on the fifth floor of Vassar Brother Medical Center, a minister walked into his room. Overwhelmed by the sight of Cowal’s injuries, the minister could only utter seven words, but they would forever change Cowal’s life: “God, don’t let this young man die.”

In the aftermath of his recovery, Cowal dedicated his life to God and committed himself to spreading the gospel as he felt called to do. His journey eventually led him to Clintondale, where he bought his first house and received divine instructions to establish a church and minister to the community.

Today, the Mount Triumphant Church Of God stands as a testament to Pastor Cowal’s unwavering faith, his transformative experience and his dedication to serving others. As he extends a warm invitation to all who seek solace, guidance and a sense of belonging, Pastor Cowal’s words echo with sincerity, “Come, join us in worship, and together, let us find the triumph that comes from knowing God’s love.”