Marlboro celebrates Students of the Month

By Mark Reynolds
Posted 2/21/24

Elementary School Elizabeth Carofano was named the Marlboro Elementary School Student of the Month for February. Principal Jena Thomas said Elizabeth “has a special gift of making those around …

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Marlboro celebrates Students of the Month


Elementary School
Elizabeth Carofano was named the Marlboro Elementary School Student of the Month for February. Principal Jena Thomas said Elizabeth “has a special gift of making those around her feel happy, seen and special.”

Second Grade Teacher Alycia Barone said Elizabeth “not only takes the skills that we’re learning together and teaches the students in our class but she loves to go home and teach her friends, her family members and her brother, and it’s been so special to watch.”

Barone said Elizabeth ‘exudes’ her love of learning.

“Elizabeth has taught us how to start an adventure, who knows where it ends; what if you learn something, what if you find friends; she taught us how to build a new home in grade 2; and she taught us how to be fiercely, ferociously and unfathomably kind. Elizabeth you have made this a wonderfully wonderful year. Congratulations.”

Middle School
Emmett Wheatley was named the Marlboro Middle School Student for the month of February. Teacher Daniel Nicosia said, “Emmett really embodies the very essence of excellence, determination and community spirit. From the beginning of the academic year Emmett has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to academic success and has also fostered a positive school environment.” Nicosia noted that Wheatley often shows his light-hearted side and possess a fun personality.

“When participating in class you’re not shy to ask great discussion questions or just joke around with your peers or us in a very respectful manner,” Nicosia said. “Your attitude in class is really appreciated.”

It was pointed out that Emmett is a member of the Chess and the Dungeons and Dragons Clubs.

“It demonstrates your diverse interests and helps show your natural ability to make friends,” Nicosia said. “You’re consistently demonstrating kindness, respect and empathy toward your peers and your teachers making you a role model for all.”

Teacher Chelsea Zehnacker added that, “I would be lucky if my son grew up to be half the guy you’ve turned into; clearly your parents are doing something amazing and extraordinary with all of their children.”

High School
Sophia Montalbano is the Marlboro High School Student of the Month for February. Art teacher Rachael Burroughs has taught Sophia in her Advanced Studio Art, Drawing, Painting and in AP Development courses.

“In everything that Sophia does she strives for excellence. She works hard to build on her skills and doesn’t give up when facing obstacles,” Burroughs said. “She is a technical craftsman who observes, inquires and practices everything she does to get better and expand her mind.”

Burroughs said in every project Sophia, “carefully plans out how she will make it her own. She uses her own life experiences to create personally driven pieces that tell viewers more about her and allows for them to connect with her.”

Burroughs recalled that when Sophia was working on her Drawing and Painting final about emotions, “she combined text and imagery to display the support she felt with her gymnastics team after a tough injury. The uses of color, words and body language drew you in and made you feel and understand what she was going through.”

Burroughs said Sophia’s love of architecture and engineering “plays a big role in her artwork.”

Burroughs said when deciding a topic for the AP exam, Sophia “looked at what meant a lot to her – a fascination with structural design and technical building and used her draftsman skills and her own photos she took in Greece, to create a unique body of work exploring perspective and architecture,” eventually making 3D drawings.

“Her innovation through her whole portfolio and process really demonstrated her creative problem-solving skills and her inquiry into forms and structures,” Burroughs said, noting that Sophia is also a Scholastic Art Winner two years in a row. “This year she not only won a gold award for her beautiful and colorful piece ‘Starving’ but was also awarded the American Vision Award, which is a tremendous honor.”

Burroughs said after graduation Sophia will study either architecture or engineering.

“It’s been a joy to work with you Sophia and watch your artistic skills grow; you are a genuine, hard-working individual.”