Lanzetta faces challenge in Marlborough

Posted 10/20/21

Town of Marlborough residents will see many familiar faces on the ballot on November, as incumbent Al Lanzetta faces a challenge from longtime council member Scott Cororan on November 2.A profile of …

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Lanzetta faces challenge in Marlborough


Town of Marlborough residents will see many familiar faces on the ballot on November, as incumbent Al Lanzetta faces a challenge from longtime council member Scott Cororan on November 2.
A profile of local candidates follow.

Al Lanzetta
Democrat Al Lanzetta is running for re-election for Marlborough Town Supervisor. He will be on the Democrat and Working Families lines on the ballot and has been endorsed by Local 825 International Union of Operating Engineers.

Lanzetta offered a bit of personal history on his desire to serve the community.

“I still live at my boyhood home in Marlborough, where I grew up, married my wife of 39 years, raised our five children and still enjoy playing with our six grandchildren – all of whom live and go to school in Marlborough,” he said. “I have always been active in community organizations, coached sports and was a 4-H leader. In 2006, I had the honor of serving my first two terms as Supervisor of the Town of Marlborough. After my retirement from IBM, I was re-elected and have been able to devote myself, full-time, to serving the people of Marlborough.”
Lanzetta sums up his qualifications in one word - ‘experience’.

“I know how to invite economic development, increase recreational opportunities, and shepherd improvements in our infrastructure by networking with government agencies, public officers, elected officials and interested stakeholders. I have an amazing record of getting things done. I work 24/7 for my constituents and I am always available to help,” he said.

Lanzetta said keeping Marlborough affordable, while protecting the high quality of life, is key as the town moves forward.

“My only agenda is to keep down taxes, work across party lines, and do what is best for the Community. I offer experience and government you can trust,” he said.

Lanzetta said if re-elected he will continue to be a full time Supervisor. He said he has the knowledge, “to network with agencies, politicians and the private business community to get a larger tax base to alleviate the burden on our Community. I will continue improving Town infrastructure to help business and I will work to finish our new Community Center, which I worked hard to finance with grants.”

Lanzetta describes himself as a tireless worker who gets things done.

“I am fair, honest, work across party lines and I only answer to the people of Marlborough. I would consider it an honor to continue moving our Community forward,” he said.

Scott Corcoran
Republican Scott Corcoran is running for Marlborough Town Supervisor. He will be on the Republican and Conservative lines in November.

Although Corcoran is no stranger to politics – he is in his 3rd term (and 10th year) as Town Councilman – this is his first time seeking the position of Supervisor.

“I believe it is time for a change. As Supervisor I will be dedicated to helping new businesses feel welcome into our town. We need to show potential investors that we are here to help them through the planning process and that we want them to be part of our community,” he said. “I consider myself a bi-partisan, fiscally conservative person and I will work with all sides to make our town a more business friendly community.”

Corcoran has served on a number of town committees; budget, finance, labor negotiations, facilities, information technology and parks and recreation that he says has given him, “valuable insight into all the day to day operations of running our town...I am proud of the fact that I have led the process to keep our budget under the 2% cap every year. We expanded sewer and water services in both the Milton and Marlboro hamlets. I helped successfully negotiate two labor contract extensions with our Police, Dispatcher and Highway Unions. I personally oversaw the design, construction and move of our New Town Hall. I was able to negotiate a shared service agreement with the School District to build the new gas pump station at the highway department. I have lead multiple projects, such as the new Highway department garage, the renovation of the Water Department offices, the renovation of the park pavilion and bathrooms, the new Bocce pavilion, the renovation of our storage garage at the transfer station, installed batting cages at TOMVAC and fixed the soccer and baseball fields at the Cluett Schantz Park.”

Corcoran noted his priorities: “First, I would let it be known to potential investors that Marlborough is open for business and we want you to be a part of our community. We do this by reducing regulations, working closely with our Planning Board, updating town codes where needed and continue to work with the School District to reduce the tax burden. Second, we need to update our sewer facilities and expand our water districts to help entice new residential and commercial investment into our Town. We are fortunate that we have received close to $900,000 from the federal government through the American Cares Act that will allow us to start this work next year. Finally, we need to agree on a financially beneficial plan on how we manage and utilize the Milton Pier. We have multiple touring boat companies interested in using our pier but we need to negotiate a deal that would help cover our long term maintenance and bond cost for the pier.”

Corcoran said he will work with all town employees, board members and community volunteers.

“As your Town Supervisor I will work closely with all these individuals to achieve what is needed for our Town. I promise to work hard every day to move our Town forward so the next generation can enjoy Marlborough and all it has to offer,” he said.

Howard Baker
Democrat Howard Baker is running for re-election for Town Councilman. His name will appear on the Democratic line on the ballot in November.

Baker has served two, 4 year terms on the board and during one term he served as the Deputy Supervisor. From 1987 to 1995 Baker served on the Planning Board and from 2008-09 he was a member of the town’s Ethics Committee, assisting in rewriting the town’s ethics code.

In his professional life, Baker spent 32 years at IBM, “working on and leading complex software development projects with many people from widely disperse geographic locations.”

Baker says he wants to continue, “to provide the residents of our town with tangible projects that will improve the economic viability of our two hamlets and the overall quality of life for all residents in a fiscally responsible fashion.”

Baker targets school and town taxes as the biggest issue facing residents, calling it, “the most common complaint you hear from constituents.” He said it is important to continue applying for grants that will allow the Town Board to move forward with projects without unduly burdening the taxpayers and pushing the town budget beyond the tax cap.

Baker also believes it is important for Marlborough to have a strong Planning Board, coupled with a zoning code, “that can efficiently and fairly ensure that all development in our town protects the rights of all property owners – big or small.” He said the beauty of Marlborough is what attracts people, “and we need to work hard to ensure we can sustain and build on that natural gift and at the same time revitalize our hamlets.”

Baker said during his tenure the board has brought more than $2 million into the budget that has helped to pay for park improvements, new trails, new sidewalks, a newly renovated pier by the Hudson River, sewer extensions and compile a cultural resource inventory. He noted that the renovation of the TOMVAC building for a community center is still in the works.

Baker said the board’s accomplishments do not happen by chance but by intent.

“It requires the ability to work with others, listen to the experts and people who have good ideas and then follow-up with the necessary applications, phone calls, visits, meetings and follow through to make sure visions and ideas lead to tangible results,” he said. “That’s what I bring to the table...I provide a strong, steady, positive influence. I want to keep it going and that’s why I am pursuing another term.”

Manny Cauchi
Republican Emanuel “Manny” Cauchi is running for the position of Marlborough Town Councilman. He will be on the Republican, Conservative and Marlborough Independent lines on the November ballot.

Cauchi has garnered endorsements from the Iron Workers Local 417; the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters 279; DC-9 Glaziers & Painters; Bricklayers & Allied Craft Workers Local 1; Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 373 and the Electrical Local Union 363.

Cauchi has called Marlborough his home, both personally and professionally for more than 30 years.

“It is where I started my family and raised my two children. It has also been my place of business where the company I founded, Basec Glass, has created manufacturing and administrative jobs for more than 27 years,” he said. “I have always had an interest in politics and would like the opportunity to offer my services to the town that has allowed me to grow and prosper.”

Cauchi said, if elected, “I will bring my professional know-how, problem solving experience and business development acumen. Moreover, I have been on the Planning Board for six years that has allowed me to gain valuable experience in service to our community.”

Cauchi said the town suffers from a lack of vision as well as a plan for, “the medium to long term development of our community. How can we improve the infrastructure and services to our community and how can we create an environment which allows for stable economic growth?”

To solve these issues, Cauchi said Marlborough needs a ‘Master Plan’.

“We need to know where we want to be in five, ten, twenty and thirty years and establish a vision and specific long-term objectives. A fully developed Master Plan is the vehicle for a prosperous future. If elected, I will recommend we create a Master Plan Committee to establish the blueprint for growth and prosperity for years to come.”

Sherida Porpiglia Sessa
Republican Sherida Porpiglia Sessa is running for Marlborough Town Council. She is a 2nd time candidate and her name will appear on the Republican and Conservative lines in November.

Sessa, who was born and raised in Marlborough, said she has always been involved in her community, starting in High School when she was elected class president.

“I value community service and want to see our town continue to progress and improve. My entire family lives here and we have deep agricultural roots here. But the reality is, it’s going to be really hard for my sons to come back and live here if we don’t start offering more to our residents without driving up the cost of living,” she said.

Sessa holds a BA from Cornell University and a Master’s Degree from Marist College. She has worked in corporate America for the past 15 years running large international trade shows.

“These positions have given me an understanding of how to manage complex teams, how to overcome all types of seemingly insurmountable challenges, and most importantly, having had responsibility for $30 million budgets.

Before returning to Marlborough Sessa lived for 10 years in Connecticut.

“This gives me the qualification of having hometown ties to Marlborough, while also having seen how other thriving communities operate,” she said.

Sessa acknowledges that Marlborough continues to struggle with high taxes while providing very few amenities/services for residents.

“While the tax burden is heavily influenced by the school system, the town plays a vital role in development including attracting new business to expand the tax base,” she said.

Sessa said, “Marlborough has earned an unfortunate reputation as being a closed community, unfriendly to new business – warranted or not, that affects what businesses even look at our town. We need to change that reputation by streamlining regulations and policies for our Planning Board so they can become a resource to new businesses. We also need to create a Marlborough marketing packet to promote the value of the community and proactively attract new businesses to the Town.”

Sessa praised the current Town Board for enhancing recreation facilities in Marlborough, “but it’s time to turn the focus to new business. I am committed to working in a bi-partisan, collaborative fashion if elected, with a very keen eye on maximizing every dollar spent so we don’t drive up taxes for residents.”

John Alonge Sr.
Republican John Alonge Sr. is running for re-election for Highway Superintendent for the Town of Marlborough. He will be on the Republican, Conservative and Marlborough Independence lines on the November ballot.

Alonge said he wants to continue to serve the residents and to continue a legacy left by his father and Gael Appler Sr.

“I have been employed at the Town of Marlborough Highway Department for the last 25 years. I feel that I am more than qualified to hold the position of Highway Superintendent. I would like to continue the excellent service that the residents have come to expect and follow in the footsteps of my father Carmelo “Mel” Alonge, who was Highway Superintendent for 10 years prior to Mr. Appler,” he said.

Alonge said his years of experience, “at estimating, maintenance of all types of equipment, building roads, drainage work and site development work will stand me in good stead to accomplish the duties of the office. I am running for re-election to continue giving the residents the service they deserve. I hope that they will also consider voting yes to the proposition to extend the term to 4 years to allow the Superintendent to serve long time.

Colleen Corcoran
Republican Colleen Corcoran is running for re-election for Marlborough Town Clerk. She will be on the Republican, Conservative and Marlborough Independence lines on the November ballot.

“I have always been passionate about community service. It has been my pleasure being the Town Clerk and I enjoy my job and helping the residents of our beautiful town. I look forward to serving as Town Clerk for another four years,” she said.

Corcoran has served at Town Clerk for the past 10 years and in that capacity she is also the tax collector, the records management officer and Registrar. She added that she and her deputy, Danielle Cherubini, “are always committed to providing our residents with courteous and efficient service.”

Tom Corcoran
Republican Tom Corcoran is running for re-election to the Ulster County Legislature for District 11. He will be on the Republican, Conservative and Marlborough Independence lines on the November ballot.

Corcoran has received endorsements from the Laborers Local 17, IBEW 363, Plumbers and Steamfitters 373, Iron Workers Local 417, International Union of Painters & Allied – DC 9 and the Hudson Valley Code Enforcement Offers E.C.

Corcoran said he has always been a ‘community first’ person.

“I have never asked what can this community or town do for me, I have always asked, what can I do for my community and town,” he said, echoing the inaugural address of President John F. Kennedy.

As a dedicated Marlborough town employee, Corcoran said he has kept his community safe as its Building Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer and Fire Inspector for nearly 20 years. He noted that he has worked with numerous Town Boards, finding that his town job works hand in hand with his position as an Ulster County Legislator, where he has served for the last two years.

Corcoran says taxes are always an issue, “but with my cooperation you will see multiple new businesses starting up and older businesses continue to grow in the town.” He said his town and county positions, “give businesses assurance when I say I can help and I will get it done – it happens; not only in town locally but throughout Ulster County.”

For the past 22 years Corcoran has served on the boards of Marlboro Youth Baseball & Softball and on Marlboro Youth Football & Cheerleading and is still active. At the High School level, Corcoran has served as a baseball and football coach for 25 years.

“I look forward to continued representation of the town of Marlborough as your Ulster County Legislator,” he said. “You can still find me in the same office with the same phone number and the same address for any questions or concerns.”


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