Dare to Be Square

Holland Tunnell Gallery


   Holland Tunnel Gallery is pleased to present works by Hudson Valley artists Marc Bernier and Tadashi Hashimoto in the exhibition DARE TO BE SQUARE. 

Bernier and Hashimoto use the square/cube in their respective works to explore the interaction of color, light and form to create subtle permutations in the visual experience through the universal language of  basic geometric form.  

Marc Bernier’s paintings, rooted in color theory and visual perception, transcend their strategic and methodical nascence.  The viewer is drawn in to the work by the interaction of color, so that the surface tension is maximized to the point at which an actual pulsation or flickering is perceived by the human eye.  The work is at the same time calming and hyper-charged. 

Tadashi Hashimoto’s sculpture is inspired by the idea that the nature of space and matter interacting with light creates a dialogue between weight and weightlessness, commotion and calmness, finitude and infinitude.  Like building blocks turned on their axis, the works have multi-angled planes that amplify the nuanced effects of light acting on their surfaces, and are at once playful and inviting.


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