4 Child Safety Ideas That Help Bring Peace of Mind to Parents


(NewsUSA) - For busy parents, keeping a baby or toddler away from problem areas in the home can be an ongoing challenge. September is Baby Safety Month, and an important reminder for parents to look for potentially unsafe areas in the home and identify smart solutions to help put their minds at ease as their little ones discover their surroundings.

Here are four child safety ideas that are easy to install and will help give homeowners a little peace of mind:

1. Have a curious toddler who is exploring what's behind every door or cabinet?

Home safety products such as the Dreambaby® Patented EZY-Check® Multi-Use Latch are a must-have for parents to help keep children from investigating where they shouldn't. The adhesive multifunctional latch can be installed on almost any surface, including glass, wood, metal, and more without the need for tools or screws. The flexible, patented extra-long design works with most non-heat generating appliances, including the refrigerator. Its multi-touch release makes it tricky for young children to open.

2. Children are perpetually fascinated by electrical outlets, but the patented Dreambaby® CoverPlug® is unique in that it hides the entire outlet, so children don't even realize it is there. The Dreambaby® CoverPlug has a universal design that fits easily over three-prong outlets. The faceplate is paintable, so it can blend into the aesthetic of any room. Be sure to paint the faceplate before installation.

3. Whether they're crawling or walking, toddlers are on a mission to explore everything in their space. The Dreambaby® Newport Adapta-Gate® accommodates a range of regular and irregular openings and landings. It is designed for one-handed operation and is an easy-close gate, complete with an indicator to confirm that the gate is closed.

4. As babies learn to stand, they tend to pull themselves up with the help of any and all surfaces, especially kitchen cabinets. When it comes to keeping cabinets and drawers secure, parents can turn to the patented Dreambaby® Adhesive Mag Locks® for an effective but invisible solution that helps keep children safer without sacrificing style. The locks are designed to adhere to the inside of almost anything that opens, and the self-locking mechanism opens quickly when the special magnetic key is placed over the lock. Each lock can be disengaged when not needed, making it not only a great choice for your own home, but very useful at the grandparents' place.

Dreambaby® is a family-owned and internationally renowned company with more than 20 years of experience in developing affordable, high-quality child safety products.

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