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The resolution summarized below was adopted by Walden Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners on October 19, 2021, and approved by the electors of the Walden Fire District on December 14, 2021, and the validity of the obligations authorized by such resolution may be hereafter contested only if such obligations were authorized for an object or purpose for which the Walden Fire District is not authorized to expend money or if the provisions of law that should have been complied with as of the date of publication of this notice were not substantially complied with, and an action, suit, or proceeding contesting such validity is commenced within twenty (20) days after the date of publication of this notice, or such obligations were authorized in violation of the provisions of the Constitution.

A Bond Resolution adopted by the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Walden Fire District in the County of Orange, State of New York on October 19, 2021 for the objects and purposes of authorizing the acquisition and purchase of a two new Custom Engines, including incidental equipment and expenses in connection therewith at an estimated maximum cost of $1,500,000.00 authorizing the issuance of serial bonds or statutory installment bonds of the Fire District in an amount not to exceed $550,000.00 or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay the cost thereof at the prevailing rate of interest on the date of the bond closing after deducting any federal, state, county, and/or local funds received; authorizing the expenditure of an amount not to exceed $1,000,000.00 from the Fire District's Apparatus and Equipment Capital Reserve Fund; pledging the faith and credit of the Fire District for the payment of the principal and interest on said bonds; authorizing the annual levy on all taxable real property of the Fire District, a tax sufficient to pay the principal interest on said bonds as the same become due and payable; determining that the period of probable usefulness of each Engine is twenty (20) years and the maximum maturity of the serial bonds therefor is to be ten (10) years; delegating to the Fire District Treasurer the power to authorize and sell bond anticipation notes and to fix the details of and to sell the serial bonds; and containing an estoppel clause and providing for publication of an estoppel notice; be approved?

A copy of the entire resolution hereinbefore summarized is available for public inspection during normal business hours at the Fire District Offices located at the Walden Firehouse, 230 Old Orange Avenue, Walden, NY 12586.

Denise Miller


Walden Fire District #105665

Posted 1/12/2022